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Gold Price Lowest Since 2010

The gold price broke below key support at $1,180 this morning, hitting its lowest since July 2010, after the dollar rallied further on news that Japan will aggressively expand its stimulus measures.

The spot gold price hit a low of $1,167.20 before staging a small recovery to its current level of $1,173.00/1,173.80 per ounce, still down $26.50 on Thursday’s close. Continue reading

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Gold Equals 15 Barrels of Oil

From Bloomberg:

Add the bear market for oil prices to the list of reasons that U.S. inflation is still tame and why some investors see bigger losses in gold. Continue reading

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Stalwart Silver Bullion Demand Amid Low Prices

Mark O’Byrne makes some very good points in the following article on how, despite staggering demand for silver, the price is falling. Read on to learn more about Mark’s findings. Read the blog here.

Bullion prices might be moving sideways, but with reporting coming in tomorrow and the following day for US Mint sales, it is likely we could see a continuing march towards a year record.

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Mario & The Jets? Is QE Coming To Europe?

The European Union (EU) is trying to raise funds. Technocrats foresee the need to inject billions of euros into the economy.  With Mario Draghi speaking at Jackson Hole this week, could it be Quantitative Easing is on the horizon for the EU? Many believe so…
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The Dollar Jumps To 14-Month High

The US dollar jumped to a 14-month high against the euro on Tuesday as investors bet the Federal Reserve would hike interest rates earlier than expected, a view that helped knock down bond prices and weighed on global equity markets. Continue reading

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Central Banks Buying Gold “Firmly” in 2014

GOLD BUYING by central banks has continued ahead of recent averages in 2014, according to several analysts’ notes.

“Central banks remained firmly on the buy-side of the gold market” in the first half of the year, writes Macquarie Bank analyst Matthew Turner in London.
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Economists back Fed stimulus programs

A majority of economists believe the Federal Reserve is doing the right things to help repair the U.S. economy, according to a survey released Monday by the National Association of Business Economists.

The survey also showed that a vast majority of economists believe the U.S. economy is at little risk of inflation in the coming years. Continue reading

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What’s To Come Of The Gold & Silver Fix?

On the surface, there have been some unsettling bits of news coming out of the gold and silver markets, despite an overall unmoved price.  Day-in, day-out, for awhile, the gold price has been a BIG yawn…but this might be getting ready to change…Let’s explore some of the volatility in the gold market:

As I type this, the London metal Exchange (LME) is competing to create an alternative to the silver fix as the system plans to disband itself in August. The LME says it has planned three potential fixes to the fix in its bid to take over the pricing mechanism, for which there has been interest. Continue reading

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Bank Of England loses tonnes of gold in 2013

Concerns abound throughout the gold market regarding gold holdings in various vaults held around the world, from England to New York. Many European countries, like Germany, have demonstrated concern regarding whether or not the New York Federal Reserve Bank is still holding onto their reserves, while Austria just decided to send a request for audit to the Bank of England, perhaps following in the larger german-speaking nation’s footsteps. Continue reading

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World Bank: Prepare For The Next Crisis Now

First, the World Bank warned about a coming economic crisis.

Then the International Monetary Fund warned about the global housing crisis.

All in one week. Should investors begin embracing? After all, the stock markets have begun to top, or so it would seem, as tensions in Iraq increase.

The crisis in Ukraine, slowdown in China, warnings about the global housing market and coming global rise in interest rates are all expected to defeat global growth, according to the World Bank, which is pushing urgent global banking and financial reforms. Continue reading

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