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Will China Stop Buying USD Now?

While western nations like the US have been criticized for resorting to printing incessantly their own national currencies, China has not been immune, as many complain that it manipulates its currency, the renminbi (RMB).

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Gold Manipulation Investigation In London

The gold price had a poor day today as regulators announced in Britain they would be launching a wide-scale investigation into the gold market as part of their overall Libor investigations.

The investigations into the Libor currency market exploded into a general investigation of all markets as increasing evidence of market manipulation in all markets has grown increasingly obvious and governments have been forced to act. Continue reading

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With Stocks At Record High, Gold Shorts Nearly Double

That gold does not catch a break, even on a weak day for the dollar, is befitting of the conditions we find ourselves, in which markets are totally counter-intuitive. Continue reading

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Need Cash? Make Sure You Get Paid RIGHT For Your Gold Jewelry

There is a lot of demand for honest gold buyers throughout San Diego County. But, nothing makes a gold buyer more honest than a gold seller who knows what kind of gold they have. Continue reading

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All Demand On India’s Biggest Metal Buying Day For Silver

Silverbugs are nervous as it seems the lull in the price for precious metals have shaken all the buyers out of the tree. But this isn’t true everywhere.

Silver sales have almost doubled over last year for India’s Dhanteras.

India suffered a considerable slump on Dhanteras, the biggest gold buying day in the country. High gold prices and shortage problems have kept customers away from gold. But, it has not kept them away from silver, as the Dhanteras in 2013 saw increased demand for silver ornaments and articles. Continue reading

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Fitch Downgrades Chicago, Worse Than Detroit?

Is Chicago worse than Detroit? That might be hard for many to believe, but while Detroit may be well known for its fiscal problems, it might be better off than many of its fellow US cities, like Chicago, according to a new report from Moody’s Investor Service. To boot, Fitch downgraded Chicago on Friday. Continue reading

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Surprise ECB Move Overshadows Poor Jobs Report

In the shadows of the Twitter IPO, the European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low Thursday in an attempt to improve the euro zone economy amid falling inflation.

Many precious metals bugs foresaw that a poor jobs report (on delayed numbers due to the government shutdown) would lead a rally in metals. Instead, nearly $15 were shaved off the gold price by the end of trading Thursday. Continue reading

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Twitter Steals The Headlines, But Can Gold Win The Day?

Goldbugs must remember the Facebook IPO. It was disastrous. We felt so smug with our tangible comfort.

And now we are being sold on Twitter, which has no revenue, and doesn’t provide any products. Its service is instant communication. It’s seen as a surefire investment right alongside equities and investments. But, does this make sense? Continue reading

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How Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry & Sterling Silver Can Protect Your Wealth

Gold coins and silver coins have gained an interesting reputation. People think: If you buy gold and silver coins, then you are a survivalist of some sort. Well, this isn’t always true, but these assumptions do make owning gold and silver coins a liability. Continue reading

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Is Gold Demand Coming Back?

Demand might seem stifled in the gold market, but it is for good reason. After all, India has put a ban on the importation of gold. But, there all we see is a population turning to silver in order to hedge their paper. Continue reading

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