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Peter Schiff Predicts Gold Going To $2,000 Next Year

Unabashedly, Peter Schiff predicts that gold is going $2,000 in a recent interview with Bloomberg. It seems he is going out on a limb. But, I can’t help but agree.

There is nothing to be scared about when it comes to run-of-the-mill price corrections, as we’ve seen in gold and silver. Continue reading

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Another Two Week Low In Gold, Despite Federal Reserve Stepping On Gas

How could it be? The Federal Reserve has announced it will continue buying long-term debt, yet gold demand is at a low and sentiment is abysmal. It’s never been lower since the beginning of the bull market run. Continue reading

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Gold Price Falls On Federal Reserve Statement

Well, the Federal Reserve will continue printing. Yet somehow, the gold price dropped instantly $10 upon the news.

The Federal Reserve will persist with cheap-money policy in place and pledged to continue pumping $85 billion a month into bond purchases until the economy improves. Continue reading

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84 Years Ago ‘Black Tuesday’ Ended Inflation In Stock Market

Black Tuesday slammed Wall Street October 29, 1929, 84-years ago today. Investors traded 16,410,030 shares on the New York Stock Exchange in but one day.

Billions were lost and thousands of investors lost everything in one day. The volume was so heavy, stock tickers ran behind as the machinery was incapable of handling such volume. Continue reading

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Gold Jewelry Under Executive Order 6102

As the US government confiscated gold, some people were pleased their gold jewelry seemed exempt.

Indeed, I wonder how many people changed their gold bullion into jewelry before the May 1, 1933 deadline?

Perhaps a few smart ones did just this. Continue reading

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There Will Be QE: Why Gold Will Gain From This Week’s Fed Meeting

It’s modest, but gold’s 2% gain in October has given gold-bugs some hope.

With data regarding the government shutdown set to roll in, as well as  Fed meeting this week, gold could begin to shine again.

This would be a long overdue price increase for goldbugs. Continue reading

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