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BoA Analyst: Gold Going To $1,300 In May

Gold has increased for five straight days and is now positive for the year 2015. According to one top financial technician, who works at Bank of America, the rally has just begun.

On Tuesday’s “Futures Now,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s head of global technical analysis, MacNeil Curry, argued that, in the near-term, we’d likely see a “correction” in the dollar over the “next couple of weeks,” coupled with falling yields on Treasurys, all of which could lay the groundwork for a sustained and sizable rally in gold that could see it over $1,300 by the end of May.

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Police Barricade European Central Bank Ahead Of Protests

Frankfurt, Germany police have barricaded and barbed wired the European Central Bank headquarters in preparation for demonstrations against “government austerity and capitalism.”

The Blockupy alliance claims activists are planning a blockade of the new headquarters of the ECB ahead of a ceremony Wednesday to inaugurate the building, as well to disrupt so-called “capitalist business as usual.”

Approximately 10,000 people are expected to show up for a rally in Frankfurt’s main square, the Roemerberg, a popular business center in the city. Organizers are chartering a  special train to bring demonstrators from Berlin to Frankfurt, while others are busing in from all over Europe.

Frankfurt police expect most demonstrators to be peaceful, but violence-prone elements could use the crowds as cover.

The ECB, along with the European Commission and International Monetary Fund, has been dubbed a part of the “troika” monitoring compliance with the conditions of bailout loans for financially troubled countries such as Greece. These conditions  entail spending restraint and reducing deficits, and are aimed at reducing debt but have also been blamed for unemployment and slow growth.

Greece’s recently elected left-wing government claims such policies as exercised by the ECB have started a “humanitarian crisis” of poverty for pensioners and others.

ECB President Mario Draghi wants more spending by governments in good financial shape such as Germany.

The ECB says it plans to be “fully operational.”

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La Jolla Symphony And Chorus Creates Berlioz Splash Zone

The La Jolla Symphony and Chorus is doing something few orchestras are willing to try. They will perform composer Hector Berlioz’s “Requiem,” this weekend.

The 19th century composition is rarely performed because it requires such a huge ensemble. How huge?

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Vehicle collides with Dick’s Liquor store in La Jolla

An elderly female driver crashed her vehicle into the eastern (Eads Avenue) side of Dick’s Liquor store, 737 Pearl St., Monday afternoon (March 16). The vehicle also struck a city trash can decoratively coated with stone, which shattered on impact, causing a shard to strike a male pedestrian. Both the driver and the pedestrian were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries and police believe both will recover. No other injuries were reported.

The driver was exiting the 76 gas station after a fillup. After proceeding slowly from the parking lot, police believe she intended to hit the brake and hit the accelerator instead.

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The Federal Reserve Could Raise Interest Rates

The dollar has been rising, and many people wonder how long this could go on. The US dollar index  tracks the USD’s strength against six currencies mostly weighted toward the euro. Having touched a 12-year high on Friday, the dollar continues a record setting pace over the past eight months, its fastest rise in 40 years.

Many dollarbugs are claiming that the bull market will continue into the foreseeable future. Continue reading

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Dollar’s Strong Showing At Prospect of Interest Rate Rise

The dollar has had a strong showing as higher US interest rates remain on the minds of investors, and many are predicting that the dollar rally is not over.

The dollar index reached a new 12-year high on Tuesday, now up 3.3 percent for March. The yen fell relative to the greenback and the euro moved sideways, moving towards to parity at $1.07 relative the dollar. Continue reading

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La Jolla Has High-Tech Option For Gold: Edition Apple Watch, Made Of Gold, Selling For $10,000

Anthony Wing Kosner, a designer and developer who writes for American business magazine Forbes, said before the Apple Gold Watch price unveiling: “When Tim Cook [the Apple chief executive] hits the stage to reveal availability and pricing information about Apple Watch, the biggest question he will answer will be about the price of the high-end Edition line. Continue reading

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How To Buy Gold Coins

Buying gold coins allows you, the investor, to diversify your investment portfolio and protect yourself against market volatility. Building a collection of gold coins is a great way to start diversifying your overall investment portfolio. Owning gold comes in many different flavors, and can possibly become overwhelming for the unexperienced, but the truth is with some basic knowledge you can ensure you are protecting you and your family from futures economic volatility.

If you are ready to buy gold coins now, click here.

Gold Bullion Bars and Ingots

When most people think of gold, they think of large gold bars stored in vaults deep below the surface of the earth. In fact, gold bars come in many different shapes and sizes in order to meet the needs of different investors. Gold bullionbars are sold by the troy ounce and are sold in common sizes of one troy ounce, 10 troy ounces, 100 troy ounces or larger sized gold bars. Most gold dealers will sell these bars for a percentage over the spot price of gold. The smaller the bar the larger the percentage (or premium) you will pay. This form of gold is usually purchased by people or corporations looking to make large investments in gold.

Gold Bullion Coins

Nation-states and private companies produce gold bullion, oftentimes in a coin shape, but also as a bar. The ones that are minted by governments have monetary value, while those minted by private mints do not. The values on the government minted coins are often far less than the value of the coin content and so the official value is largely ceremonial.

Gold Bullion coins come in sizes small and large, beginning with 1/25 troy ounce, 1/10 troy ounce, one quarter troy ounce, half a troy ounce, one troy ounce and even five troy ounce sizes.

For the small investor interested only in gold content, than bullion coins are the place to shop, as they do not come with the added value of a numismatic gold coin Some of the most recognized coins in this space are US Gold Eagles, US Gold Buffalo, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs and Austrian Philharmonic gold bullion coins.

Common U.S. Gold Coins (Pre-1933)

Coins minted by the US government until the year 1933 are today considered collector’s coins or semi-numismatic and numismatic coins, depending on their rarity and condition. Until 1933, gold coins were used in the US economy until President Franklin D Roosevelt recalled all gold coins.  Many people did not turn over their gold.

Modern U.S. Commemorative Gold Coins

In 1982 the US Mint continued its commemorative coin program. The United States mint continues to make commemorative gold coins and you can purchase them directly from The United States Mint.

Mexico 2 Peso Gold Coin 1945 - Photo courtesy of Don’s World Coin Gallery, www.worldcoingallery.com

Mexico 2 Peso Gold Coin 1945. Photo courtesy of Don’s World Coin Gallery, www.worldcoingallery.com

Foreign Gold Coins

Example of forum coins popular in San Diego are  Mexico 2 Pesos, Mexico 50 Pesos, Switzerland 20 Francs, Britain 5 Pound and Austria 100 Corona.

Rare U.S. Gold Coins

United Coin & Precious Metals has prepared a guide for buying such rare US gold coins.
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Gold Futures Score First Gain In Four Sessions

Gold futures scored their first gain in four sessions on Wednesday, buoyed by comments from Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, a weaker U.S. dollar and signs of rising demand from China. Continue reading

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US Department Of Justice Investigating Banks Over Precious Metals Manipulation

US officials announced they were investigating no less than 10 major banks for possibly rigging the precious-metals markets, despite the fact that European regulators dropped such a probe after finding no such evidence.

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