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    Blog 10/11 United Coin and Precious Metals

    All Demand On India’s Biggest Metal Buying Day For Silver

    Silverbugs are nervous as it seems the lull in the price for precious metals have shaken all the buyers out of the tree. But this isn’t true everywhere. Silver sales have almost doubled over last year for India’s Dhanteras. India … Continue reading

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    Fitch Downgrades Chicago, Worse Than Detroit?

    Is Chicago worse than Detroit? That might be hard for many to believe, but while Detroit may be well known for its fiscal problems, it might be better off than many of its fellow US cities, like Chicago, according to … Continue reading

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    Surprise ECB Move Overshadows Poor Jobs Report

    In the shadows of the Twitter IPO, the European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low Thursday in an attempt to improve the euro zone economy amid falling inflation. Many precious metals bugs foresaw that a … Continue reading

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    Twitter Steals The Headlines, But Can Gold Win The Day?

    Goldbugs must remember the Facebook IPO. It was disastrous. We felt so smug with our tangible comfort. And now we are being sold on Twitter, which has no revenue, and doesn’t provide any products. Its service is instant communication. It’s … Continue reading

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    How Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry & Sterling Silver Can Protect Your Wealth

    Gold coins and silver coins have gained an interesting reputation. People think: If you buy gold and silver coins, then you are a survivalist of some sort. Well, this isn’t always true, but these assumptions do make owning gold and … Continue reading

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    Is Gold Demand Coming Back?

    Demand might seem stifled in the gold market, but it is for good reason. After all, India has put a ban on the importation of gold. But, there all we see is a population turning to silver in order to … Continue reading

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    Peter Schiff Predicts Gold Going To $2,000 Next Year

    Unabashedly, Peter Schiff predicts that gold is going $2,000 in a recent interview with Bloomberg. It seems he is going out on a limb. But, I can’t help but agree. There is nothing to be scared about when it comes … Continue reading

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    Another Two Week Low In Gold, Despite Federal Reserve Stepping On Gas

    How could it be? The Federal Reserve has announced it will continue buying long-term debt, yet gold demand is at a low and sentiment is abysmal. It’s never been lower since the beginning of the bull market run.

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    Gold Price Falls On Federal Reserve Statement

    Well, the Federal Reserve will continue printing. Yet somehow, the gold price dropped instantly $10 upon the news. The Federal Reserve will persist with cheap-money policy in place and pledged to continue pumping $85 billion a month into bond purchases … Continue reading

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    84 Years Ago ‘Black Tuesday’ Ended Inflation In Stock Market

    Black Tuesday slammed Wall Street October 29, 1929, 84-years ago today. Investors traded 16,410,030 shares on the New York Stock Exchange in but one day. Billions were lost and thousands of investors lost everything in one day. The volume was … Continue reading

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