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    ExpertAdvice 4/11 United Coin and Precious Metals

    Russia, China Buying Gold And So Should You!

    The IMF still holds the uS as the largest gold holder by a wide-margin. These self-reported numbers are not too reliable as countries have incentives to under report or over report gold reserves. China is believed to have under-reported gold … Continue reading

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    Gold Eagles Sales Down But Fundamentals Remain

    Although sales of American Gold Eagles fell, the price of gold has been on a tear in recent months and weeks as stock market questions remain and global geopolitical instability puts in questions Europe, Russia, Japan, China and the US. … Continue reading

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    “Gold Is A Live Market Right Now” Says HSBC Analyst

    The gold market is certainly a live market right now, with two up-days in a row contributing to the feeling around the markets that things could begin to change in the coming months for the precious metals markets.

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    Gold Price Increases On Technical Buying

    With gold prices climbing Monday afternoon, gold investors can take solace in the yellow metal reaching the $1200 handle, which is the highest gold price in nearly one entire week. World stock markets continue to hit all the time with … Continue reading

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    Uncertified Gold Low Premiums Offer Investors Opportunity Of A Lifetime

    The following chart uses an annual premium taken in January of each year, with the high and low premium taken from that 13 year span.

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    China’s Secret Gold Holdings Increasing, Says Bloomberg

    With The People’s Bank of China having tripled its gold stockpile since April 2009, the Bloomberg Intelligence estimates the nation’s gold stockpile to be 3,510 metric tonnes, second only to the United States’ 8,133.5 tons. That figure is nearly triple … Continue reading

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    Analysts Expect A Weakening Dollar In Coming Months

    The US dollar is looking weak in wake of poor news. Many analysts expect this weak dollar to continue which could cause a spike in the price of gold. With the dollar sinking on Tuesday due to March US retail … Continue reading

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    People Are Growing Interested In Gold Again

    Gold demand has increased in US while settling in the Eurozone on lack of news in the latter. Despite low prices, investors are looking to take advantage of buying opportunities in a market that could respond to market volatility in … Continue reading

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    Rand Paul Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

    Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential announcement came from his twitter account in the form of a video, which compiled Paul’s speeches and fans chanting his name. The video displayed the following full-screen text: “On April 7 one leader will stand up to … Continue reading

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    World Growth Projected To Stall By IMF

    World growth fell in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the International Monetary Fund thinks the economy is “likely to lag for years.” The world’s potential for growth has been slowing since before the financial crisis due to … Continue reading

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