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    ExpertAdvice 5/11 United Coin and Precious Metals

    In 20 years, the world may run out of minable gold

    In another two decades, rare commodities may become seriously scarce. According to Goldman Sachs, the world has about 20 years’ worth each of known minable reserves of gold GCJ5, -0.10% diamonds and zinc. Platinum PLJ5, +2.30% copper HGK5, -1.55% and … Continue reading

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    Big Economic Data Coming This Week

    The beginning of the month always has a lot of economic data. From the Non-Farm Payrolls report to ISM to Factory Orders, there’s a ton for people to sift through. Typically the Jobs Report, which is scheduled to be released on … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    Yemeni leader Hadi leaves country as Saudi Arabia Leads Air Strikes On Houthi rebels

    Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi departed his refuge in Aden under the protection of the  Saudi army on Thursday,  arriving in Saudi Arabia as Houthi rebels battled with forces loyal to him just outside the southern port city. Warplanes from … Continue reading

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    BoA Analyst: Gold Going To $1,300 In May

    Gold has increased for five straight days and is now positive for the year 2015. According to one top financial technician, who works at Bank of America, the rally has just begun. On Tuesday’s “Futures Now,” Bank of America Merrill … Continue reading

    Posted in Blog, Expert Advice

    Police Barricade European Central Bank Ahead Of Protests

    Frankfurt, Germany police have barricaded and barbed wired the European Central Bank headquarters in preparation for demonstrations against “government austerity and capitalism.” The Blockupy alliance claims activists are planning a blockade of the new headquarters of the ECB ahead of a … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    The Federal Reserve Could Raise Interest Rates

    The dollar has been rising, and many people wonder how long this could go on. The US dollar index  tracks the USD’s strength against six currencies mostly weighted toward the euro. Having touched a 12-year high on Friday, the dollar … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    Dollar’s Strong Showing At Prospect of Interest Rate Rise

    The dollar has had a strong showing as higher US interest rates remain on the minds of investors, and many are predicting that the dollar rally is not over. The dollar index reached a new 12-year high on Tuesday, now … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    La Jolla Has High-Tech Option For Gold: Edition Apple Watch, Made Of Gold, Selling For $10,000

    Anthony Wing Kosner, a designer and developer who writes for American business magazine Forbes, said before the Apple Gold Watch price unveiling: “When Tim Cook [the Apple chief executive] hits the stage to reveal availability and pricing information about Apple Watch, … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    How To Buy Gold Coins

    Buying gold coins allows you, the investor, to diversify your investment portfolio and protect yourself against market volatility. Building a collection of gold coins is a great way to start diversifying your overall investment portfolio. Owning gold comes in many … Continue reading

    Posted in Expert Advice

    Gold Futures Score First Gain In Four Sessions

    Gold futures scored their first gain in four sessions on Wednesday, buoyed by comments from Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, a weaker U.S. dollar and signs of rising demand from China.

    Posted in Expert Advice
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