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    ExpertAdvice 6/11 United Coin and Precious Metals

    US Department Of Justice Investigating Banks Over Precious Metals Manipulation

    US officials announced they were investigating no less than 10 major banks for possibly rigging the precious-metals markets, despite the fact that European regulators dropped such a probe after finding no such evidence.

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    Major Gold Strike Underway In South Africa

    More than 2,000 unionised workers at the Lumwana copper mine, owned by Barrick Gold Corp., went on strike Monday demanding an explanation of their future once the company closes the operation, according to a senior government official. “They are demanding to … Continue reading

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    Gold Low On Greek Debt Deals

    GOLD BULLION halved an earlier 2.0% rally from new 6-week lows on Thursday in London as world stock markets crept to new record highs and the Euro whipped on the FX market following Greece’s formal request for an extension to its … Continue reading

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    Despite Budget Shortfall, San Diego To Spend $550,000 On Pothole Assessment

    San Diego’s streets may be one step closer to repairs. The city unveiled a new high-tech car Tuesday meant to help show city officials where the worst roads are. Late last year, NBC Investigates revealed the city has paid out more than … Continue reading

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    Royal Mint to start selling precious metals online

    The Royal Mint has started selling gold and silver bars directly to the public for the first time. Silver minted bars are available in 100g units, while the gold bars range from 1g to 100g. Depending on the price of … Continue reading

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    Royal Canadian Mint Releases Latest Coins in Gold and Silver Bullion Series

    The Royal Canadian Mint launched the latest coins from their Canadian Birds of Prey 1 oz silver bullion coin and Call of the Wild 1 oz gold bullion coin series.

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    The Austrian Mint Story

    The Austrian Mint is in the lovely city of Vienna, Austria, home of great music and the seed of much psycho-analysis in the 1920s, such as Wilhelm Reich, The city is responsible for minting the National Austrian Coins. Since 1989 … Continue reading

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    Gold And Silver Dealers In San Diego

    Buy Gold San Diego San Diego, California is a major city of California located on the coast of the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Southern California, about 120 miles south of Los Angeles and right on the border with Mexico. San … Continue reading

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    Chinese banks to join new gold fix from March

    The replacement for the near-century-old London gold fix will start in March, with the hope of attracting at least 11 members, including Chinese banks for the first time. UK financial authorities are undertaking an assessment of financial benchmarks in the … Continue reading

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    US Mint Bullion Coins Increase in January Sales

    Sales of US Mint American Eagle and American Buffalo sales exploded in January with newly dated 2015 bullion coins enjoying stalwart sales and attracting investors and collectors as gold and silver prices soared during the month.

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