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    ExpertAdvice 7/11 United Coin and Precious Metals

    Market Down, Russia Downgraded

    (Reuters) – Russian financial markets saw a muted reaction on Tuesday after ratings agencyS&P downgraded the country’s sovereign credit rating to ‘junk’, with the rouble strengthening and Moscow-listed shares broadly steady.

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    Gold Price Reacts To Greece Anti-Austerity Measures

    Gold fell Monday on news that the radical, far-left Syriza party won Sunday’s general election in Greece, which sent the euro to 11-year lows in the wake of Mario Draghi’s fateful decision to implement quantitative easing. A lot is happening … Continue reading

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    Gold Over $1300 First Time In Five Months

    With gold prices now above $1,300 a month for the first time since August 2014 due to the global economic slowdown and plans for future quantitative easing. Goldbugs are on edge anticipating the end of the bear market, and world … Continue reading

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    Gold Bouncing Back – Mainstream Media Talking Actively, Nervousness Abounds

    Though oil is still soft, other commodities have been stronger as late, including gold and silver, which is piquing the interest of investors and media personalities. Gold futures increased markedly as they have for a few days in a row … Continue reading

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    Market doomsayer Marc Faber: Gold will rally 30% in 2015

    “I’m positive [that] gold GCG5, -0.47%  will go up substantially [in 2015] — say 30%,” Faber, whose investment letter is called the Gloom Boom Doom Report, said at Société Générale’s global strategy presentation in London on Tuesday. “My belief is that the big … Continue reading

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    US Mint’s January 2015 Beats December 2014

    Gold and silverbugs are starting to think things are changing in the precious metals market, even if most commodities are still a bit off. That demand has increased is typical for December, but prices are higher than they’ve been in … Continue reading

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    Gold Bounces Back

    With stocks, oil and the euro all plunging since the year began, the yellow metal is off to a hot start in the first few days of 2015. Although gold pulled back a bit Wednesday as the broader market rallied, … Continue reading

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    Gold At Three Week High

    Gold and silver  rose to three-week high based on European economic concerns. Services and manufacturing signaled a slow down in Europe in the final quarter of 2014, leading to the euro to lose value. Money managers have increased bullish bets … Continue reading

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    Gold Climbs, World Markets Fall

    Gold increased one percent Monday due global shares weakening as the future of Greece and top consumer China dims. Gold rose to a daily high of $1,201.30 and was up nearly 1 percent, after having fallen to a one-month low of … Continue reading

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    Could Russia back its currency with gold?

    ussia’s government could still be pushed into using its gold reserves to bolster the falling ruble, currency experts have forecast.

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