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    SpecialOffers 4/7 United Coin and Precious Metals

    $500,000 Silver Certificate Recalls A Time When US Dollars Were “Payable in Silver Coin to Bearer on Demand”

    Many gold and silverbugs don’t realize that, in some ways, collectible currencies can bring an added dimension to your their precious metals collection. After all, wouldn’t you enjoy having a silver certificate $10 bill worth $500,000? Thirty-nine-year-old Billy Baeder owns … Continue reading

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    Investment Options: Understanding the Value, Rarity and Types of Coins

    Collecting coins isn’t just a hobby. In fact, for many people, coin collecting is a type of investment that can hedge against inflation and provide a wonderful store of value. When it comes to investing in coins, here are some … Continue reading

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    A Golden Opportunity to Sell Your Jewelry

    unwanted jewelry, right now may be the prime time to capitalize on the current gold and silver markets. According to an article at Bloomberg, gold prices in August saw a significant advancement although the precious metal continues to fluctuate amid … Continue reading

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    5 Most Commonly Asked Questions on Selling Gold

    When you sell your gold, it’s important to understand how the process works to ensure top dollar for your valuables. And when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to know how prices are determined from the get-go so … Continue reading

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    Gold Is Still Relevant as Insurance Policy, Franklin’s Land Says

    At a time when gold is in a bear market amid record outflows from investor holdings, bullion remains relevant in portfolios as inflation may accelerate, the U.S. dollar weaken and global economic growth stall, according to Franklin Templeton Investments. “As … Continue reading

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    Precious metals shine as long-term investments

    by Marti Gacioch In this ever-changing economic climate, gold and other precious metals continue to hold a strong allure for knowledgeable, discriminating investors, said Peter Kevorkian, owner of United Coin and Precious Metals. Kevorkian’s had a lifelong interest in coin collecting … Continue reading

    Posted in Special Offers

    When Fiat Calls: How To Sell Old Jewelry

    Need money? Looking to sell old jewelry? In a down economy, there can be no doubt that a great number of people will have to sell their prized possessions, including gold and silver. Be it your mother, father or a … Continue reading

    Posted in Special Offers

    Richard Russell – Stocks, Fed & Gold Shorts To Get Squeezed

    After the Fed meeting and the Cyprus fiasco, today the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, came out and said the gold belonging to the United States may be missing, and that gold-haters are about to pay. He also discussed … Continue reading

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    Gold Buying Panic In China: 10,000 People Wait In Line For Their Chance to Own Precious Metals

    One day in the near future Americans will finally realize that their money is being devalued at a rapid pace. For the time being the price increases are somewhat muted by official announcements of inflation being under control at around … Continue reading

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    A Bull Market In US Gold Premiums, While Bullion Depreciates

    Real money is priceless. But, nonetheless, to the chagrin of bullion buyers, daily noise can lead to fluctuations in the price of their American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and sometimes to the downside.

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