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    1 oz Canadian Silver Wildlife Series

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    About This Product

    Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint successfully released six 99.99% pure one-ounce silver coins celebrating Canada’s natural wildlife.

    These coins, the Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coins, feature reverse imagery dedicated to the abundant wildlife of Canada. This series features six unique silver bullion coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint over a three-year period.

    2011 Canadian Wolf and Grizzly Silver Bullion Coins from the Wildlife Series

    The Canadian Wildlife Series silver coins are minted to the professional standards investors and collectors expect from the Royal Canadian Mint products, including the atypical .9999 fine silver composition. Due to their low mintages, some consider the Canadian Wildlife Series a semi-numimatic coin.

    The Canadian Wildlife coins are designed for investors, and the extremely limited mintage of 1,000,000 coins per design has many collectors interested in owning them.

     2012 Canadian Cougar & Moose Silver Bullion Coins from the Wildlife Series

    The Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin Program features animals well-known to those who are familiar with Canadian wildlife, and could almost be considered iconic of the animals found in Canada.

    2013 Canadian Pronghorn Antelope Silver Bullion Coin from the Wildlife Series. 

    The coins, year-by-year:

    • 2011 Canadian Wolf Silver Bullion Coin – The 2011 Canadian Wolf Silver bullion Coin is dated 2010, and was released in September 2010. The coin features a reverse design showing a wolf standing on a snowy landscape with a full moon in the background. The design was completed by Senior Mint Engraver William Woodruff.
    • 2011 Canadian Grizzly Silver Bullion Coin – These coins were issued in January 2011. The Grizzly coin depicts a bear on all fours standing near a body of water. The bear is mid-roar. The reverse was also designed by Senior Mint Engraver William Woodruff.
    • 2012 Canadian Cougar Silver Bullion Coin – The Canadian Cougar Silver Bullion Coin was issued for September 2011. The reverse design portrays the Canadian cougar with its front paws grasping on a fallen inclined tree limb baring large teeth and an open mouth.
    • 2012 Canadian Moose Silver Bullion Coin – The Royal Canadian Mint first announced the release of the final 2012-dated issued in early February, although this did not begin to appear for investors until the end of February and early March. The reverse of this coin displays the Canadian moose among its native environment.
    • 2013 Canadian Pronghorn Antelope Silver Bullion Coin – The 2013-dated issue was announced by the Royal Canadian Mint at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia held August 7-11, 2012.  The reverse design features the Pronghorn antelope in a grass field.

    The obverse of all coins in the series feature Queen Elizabeth II of England along with the inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, 5 DOLLARS and the year. The face value of the Canadian Wildlife Series is 5 dollars, however, as a strike containing one ounce of .9999 fine silver, the real value is based on its content.

    Reverse inscriptions on each coin are CANADA and 9999 FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR. Each coin in the program is struck at the Royal Canadian Mint’s Ottawa facility to the same standards used for the popular Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin; namely 99.99% fine silver.

    “The Mint has been delighted by consistent customer enthusiasm for our Silver Wildlife bullion coin series and while it is ending with a sixth and final coin, we look forward to continue introducing variety to the bullion market and to building interest in our industry-leading products,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “As a majestic example of Canada’s abundant wildlife, as well as a great conservation success story, the uniquely Canadian Wood bison is a fine ambassador for a bullion coin program which has made the Mint stand out once again for innovation and quality.”

    The Royal Canadian Mint’s Ottawa facility would produce upwards of one million “Wood bison” silver bullion coins to end the series. Before the bison, Canada’s Wildlife series had already featured wildlife such as the grizzly; wolf; cougar; moose; and antelope.

    The Royal Canadian Mint is the Crown Corporation, which is responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada’s circulation coins. Crown Corporation is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, and the Royal Canadian Mint is recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, offering a wide range of specialized and high quality precious metals products on an international scale.