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    $10 Liberty (XF/AU)

    Buy the $10 Liberty Coin Today From United Coin & Precious Metals
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    About This Product

    Looking to buy pre-1933 gold in San Diego, California?

    The $10 Liberty coin, also known as the Coronet, was minted from 1866-1907. The world-famous profile of Miss Liberty is shown on the obverse and a heraldic American Eagle on the reverse. The coin was minted after a 34-year hiatus of other $10 gold pieces.


    The Coronet design by Christian Gobrecht would later appear on the $2.50 Liberty gold coin and one year prior to its use on the $5 Liberty gold coin. In 1870, the Carson City Mint began products, and New Orleans produced them from 1879 to 1883 and again years later. Coins were also struck at the newly opened Denver Mint from 1906 until the introduction of the $10 Indian head Gold Coin, which ended the $10 Liberty’s production.

    The coin is generally referred to as the Liberty Eagle, and the Eagle’s head is turned towards the right, giving away its preference for peace.  Golbrecht, the coin designer, is most famous for the “seated liberty” design seen on dimes, quarters and half dollars during the era.

    The eagle’s head is turned to the right, signaling its preference for peace. On an interesting side note, the seal for the President of the United States was virtually the same, except the eagle faced the talon holding the arrows. In 1945, Harry S Truman changed it so that the seals were the same. Christian Gobrecht, most famous for the “seated liberty” design seen on dimes, quarters, and half dollars during this era, designed the Liberty series presented here.


    The $10 Liberty gold coin was not designed by James B Longacre, who designed the $20 piece which features Miss Liberty donning a crown which has the ‘Liberty’ inscribed into it.Legislation in the middle of 1849 approved the minting of the $20 Liberty gold coin. Approximately two of these coins were minted in December of that year, one of which is currently located in the Smithsonian.

    The $20 gold coin wasn’t used typically in day-to-day consumer transactions, since it had so much value. The $20 Liberty gold coin was used in bank-to-bank transfers and payment of debts to foreign investors.

    Shortly after, lower denominations of the Liberty coin were introduced.

    Located in Sunny La Jolla, California – a city with a proud military tradition – United Coin & Precious Metals offers San Diego residents to buy gold and buy silver in a comfortable environment in the La Jolla cove.

    United Coin & Precious Metals has made a name for itself in the community for its expertise in semi-nusmismatics, in particular pre-1933-gold coins and Silver Morgan Dollars.

    Dates: 1866-1907

    Weight: 16.718g

    Diameter: 27mm

    Gold: .48375oz

    U.S. $10 Gold Liberty