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    10 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

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    About This Product

    Johnson Matthey products are among the most widely recognized and sought after products in the coin & bullion market. Oftentimes the oldest products under coin-shop glass, these bars convey a simple beauty that few other products match. At the retail level, Johnson Matthey gold, silver, platinum & palladium products are a favorite of precious metals investors.

    Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Johnson Matthey plc (LSE: JMAT) is a transnational chemical and precious metals company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

    The story of Johnson Matthey dates back to the days of its founder, Percival Norton Johnson, who, in 1817, set up business as a gold assayer in London. In 1851 George Matthey then joined the business, thus resulting in a new business name: Johnson & Matthey. The very next year the firm was appointed Official & Refiner to the Bank of England, among the most noblest of appointments. The company had branches in the cities of Birmingham and Sheffield. From these stores the company supplied the jewelry and silverware and cutlery trades.

    The 1960s resulted in the formation of a subsidiary under Johnson Matthey. That is, Johnson Matthey Bankers (JMB), which took its seat in the London Gold Fixing. The bank expanded its activities in the early 1980s outside the bullion business and endeavored into the market of high-risk loans. Bank assets doubled from 1980 to 1984, when loans became concentrated to a few borrowers. Loans then grew in excess of the bank’s capital.