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    10 oz Pamp & Perth Mint Gold Bars

    As with the Perth 1 oz gold bar, their 10 oz gold bar is individually sealed in a tamper-proof assay card featuring a unique serial number along with the mint’s chief assayer certifying the gold content and purity.
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    About This Product

    The 10 oz Perth Mint Bar is among the most recognized gold bullion bars in the world.

    With an outstanding historical reputation for some of the finest gold bullion and gold semi-numismatic coins for investors and collectors worldwide, the Perth has its roots in 1899 as a colonial branch of Britain’s 1,000 year old Royal Mint to make sovereigns from Western Australia’s gold, it was acquired by the State Government of Western Australia in 1970.

    The Perth Mint was appointed by the Commonwealth Government as the sole producer of Australian gold, silver and platinum investment coins.

    The Perth Mint Gold Bars are available for purchase from us in five convenient weights ranging from 10 ounce bars to 5 gram bars. 

    The Perth mint Gold Bars are struck from 99.99% pure gold and the weight and purity of each minted bar is guaranteed by the historic Perth Mint.

    The Perth Minted Gold Bars are individually sealed in a tamper-proof presentation card featuring a unique serial number and the signature of the Mint’s Chief Assayer.1 oz. Gold Bar, Perth Mint

    Each minted Gold Bar bears distinctive symbols of Australia’s golden heritage, including the majestic swan of the Mint’s famous stamp.  The back of the bar is decorated with images of kangaroos, native inhabitants of the Australian ‘outback’ where gold was mined in commercial quantities as far back as 1851.

    Whether you are an investor or a collector, holding a 10oz Perth Mint Gold Bar in your hand is “really cool”,  Give us a call today to add stylish Perth Mint Gold Bars to your gold investment portfolio.  If you are buying a large amount of gold the 10 ounce gold bars offer a better premium from a cost standpoint and they are also easier to store.  We have volume discounts when you are buying gold bars in larger quantities.  If you are looking to diversify into gold and want to discuss a gold buying plan we can help you with that stratagy,

    We also carry the famous 10oz gold bars from Switzerland; the Credit Suisse Bars and the Pamp Suise gold bars.  These gold bars are bought and sold everywhere in the world.  Buy gold today!

    The Credit Suisse Gold Bar carries a low premium over the spot price, giving you more bang for your buck. The Credit Suisse brand is recognized worldwide, making them highly liquid and recognizable. Looking to be in Europe, the Credit Suisse 10 oz. Gold Bar could be the perfect solution for your bullion investment.

    The Credit Suisse Gold Bar carries the guarantee of the Bank of Swizterland.  The Credit Suisse Gold Bar is also known as the Credit Swiss Gold Bar or a Generic Gold Bar. Whatever it is called, the Credit Swiss Gold Bar is a liquid gold investment.

    The Credit Swiss Gold Bar (or Credit Suisse Gold Bar) displays its weight, purity, content and unique serial numbers stamped onto the gold bar and also with a paper certificate (perfect for those paperbugs!).

    The Credit Suisse Gold Bar is .9999 fine gold and acceptable for a precious metals IRA.  Founded in 1856, the Credit Suisse Bank was founded in 1856 and was first called the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt. These Gold Bars carry the Credit Suisse hallmark.

    Credit Suisse employs an interesting business strategy of bancassurance. In other words, Credit Suisse, alongside Credit Suisse gold and Credit Suisse silver, strives to be a company that offers every common financial services product. The investment bank is intended for companies and wealthy individuals with more than 50,000 euro.

    Gold bullion bars offer gold investors some important features when it comes to investing in gold: low premiums and high liquidity. Ten-ounce gold bullion bars carry premiums significantly lower than premiums on popular gold bullion coins and 1-oz gold bullion bars.  Ten ounce gold bullion bars are also easily stacked and stored, so therefore 10 oz Credit Suisse gold bars are perfect when trying to invest in gold in bulk. 

    Alongside the 10-oz gold bullion bar like the featured 10 oz Gold Bullion Credit Suisse bar, there 1 oz gold bullion bars and 100 gram gold bullion bars.  Pamp out of Switzerland produces all these gold bullion products.10ozgold

    Ten ounce gold bars are bought by those who invest in gold to the tune of several hundred ounces over time.

    PAMP offers all the gold bars available to the gold bullion bar market, and carries much of the market share. Credit Suisse offers gold bullion bars in 10 oz and 1 oz denominations. To be certain, the Credit Suisse gold bullion bars are produced by PAMP, which means the the gold investor receives the same bars whether they buy gold bullion bars that are either PAMP or Credit Suisse.

    Credit Suisse gold bullion bars do not carry the Lady Fortuna design found on PAMP gold bars.

    Common hallmarks on gold bullion bars include Johnson Matthey gold barsEngelhard gold bars,Metalor gold barsUmicore gold bars and the Royal Canadian Mint gold bar (RCM).

    PAMP 10-oz gold bars dominate the 10-oz gold bar market. Other hallmarks usually show up when there is a shortage of gold bullion bars.

    Ten ounce gold bullion bars, along with 1-oz gold bars and 100-gram gold bullion bars and kilo gold bullion bars are acceptable in IRAs.

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    Diameter: 58/37 mm
    Thickness: 9.5 mm
    Composition: 99.99% gold (24 karat)
    Gross Weight: 10 troy oz (311.033 grams)
    Actual Gold Weight: 10 troy oz (311.033 grams)
    IRA Eligible: Yes