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    10 oz Silver Bars (new)

    The 10 oz silver bar is an intelligent way by buying silver at a lower premium.
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    About This Product

    The 10 ounce silver bar offers silver hoarders a practical means of owning low-premium silver.

    As a privately minted product, 10 ounce bars do not come with the higher premium associated with nationally minted 1 ounce coins, and, furthermore, they also get a little bit of credit as “bulk” purchases over 1 ounce rounds.

    10ozNTRbarsThere are many benefits to the 10 oz silver bar. Not only is it arelatively small denomination, but it also is a comparativelycompact store of wealth for silver. Especially compared to junk silver.

    The 10 ounce silver bar is a great way to buy silver at a low premium for Bitcoin, wire, check or limited money orders.

    Unlike the 1,000 ounce silver bar, the 10 oz silver bar is a favorite for investors seeking a lower premium when purchasing and is also easily transported and stored. 10 ounce silver bars are .999 fine silver. 

    There may never be a better time to buy silver online!

     World demand for silver, industrial, investment and medical, now exceeds the annual global yearly production and has for every year since 1990.

    It is suggested that more than 93% of all of the silver ever mined throughout history has been consumed by industrial use and is now gone for good.  According to industry experts, there were approximately 12 billion ounces of silver in the world in the year 1900.  Today, that figure has shrunk to an estimated 300 million ounces of above ground refined silver bullion!  At today’s prices, that means that all of the above ground silver could be purchased for just a little less than 6 billion dollars.  Wall Street doesn’t even blink an eye for at something that is worth six billion dollars so just imagine for a moment what happens to the price of silver when the supply gets tight or does not meet current demand.

    10ozntr110 ounce silver bars come in varieties dating back to the 1970s and on into the run-up to the $50 an ounce of 1980.

    While some come in plastic bags, these plastic bags oft rip or tear.

    United CPM sells  silver 10 oz bars most often from NTR, but also see Engelhard and Johnson Matthey bars.  Just ask!


    Diameter: Varies
    Thickness: Varies
    Composition: .999+ Silver
    Gross Weight: 10 troy oz (311.03 grams)
    Actual Silver Weight: 10 troy oz (311.03 grams)
    10 oz. Silver Bar