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    Buy & Sell Your Old US Currency In La Jolla

    At La Jolla Coin & Precious Metals, it is not only gold bullion, silver bullion, pre-1933 gold coins you can purchase for the best prices in San Diego, but also currency.

    United Coin & Precious Metals has had numerous currency deals walk through the front door in recent months, with beautiful notes coming into play. Buying currency can be a great way to hedge some the risk of liquid metals prices.

    For instance, in stock currency, UCPM has PCGS graded 1,000 notes, which feature Grover Cleveland, in premium grades. We also have many silver certificates, still bundled in their original packaging.

    Graded by PMG, we have $1 notes from 1899 in CU condition. These are great historical documents for you to see. Please come into our store and see them for yourself.

    In metals news, the prices have been soft despite many pundits for seeing softening market prices in terms of paper.

    Compared with metals, currency has been very stable over time, much more like the numismatic coin collection. If you have any old notes at home, passed down through the generations, UCPM would love to take a look at them to tell you what they are worth.

    There are many different types of currency out there. Like silver certificates, National currency, colonial currency, confederate currency, Legal tender notes and Federal Reserve Notes.

    World Spot Prices
    (Updates Every 30 Seconds)


    Bid: $1,571.60
    Ask: $1,572.60


    Bid: $17.51
    Ask: $17.61


    Bid: $1,000.17
    Ask: $1,005.17