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    La Jolla residents know how to get the best bang for their buck. That’s why when looking to sell gold jewelry, La Jolla residents want to know the best place to get cash for gold.

    For that reason, United Coin & Precious Metals knows beautiful northern San Diego beach communities like La Jolla needs a precious metals shop they can know and trust.  As long-time locals to the San Diego region, United CPM cares about cultivating the relationships it must to best serve you, the San Diego resident.

    Gold is in. The gold buying business is a highly competitive market with lots of buyers looking to earn your business. It makes sense. The price of gold has been wildly volatile. It’s even approached long-term highs in recent memory.

    So, many are believing that now is the time to cash in.

    Some Americans go to gold parties. These are a fun trend, where you and your friends get together and have your jewelry appraised. You can earn cash on the spot.

    But, don’t be so quick.

    It is important to do your homework before selling your gold, silver, platinum and palladium jewelry.


    1. Know the weight. 

    Knowing the weight of your gold is of utmost importance.  Jewelers use troy ounces instead of ounces when weighing your precious metals. US scales measure 28 grams per ounce, but precious metals like gold and silver are weighed at 31.1 grams per Troy ounce.

    Some dealers use a system of weights called pennyweights to measure a troy ounce, while other use grams. A pennyweight is equivalent of 1.555 grams.

    What is the karatage? Pure gold doesn’t work in jewelry because it is too soft. The Federal Trade Commission requires all jewelry sold in the US describe a karat fines of the alloy. One karat equals 1/24 of pure gold by weight. So 14 karats would mean the jewelry is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. Anything below 10 karats is not considered “gold jewelry.”


    2. Organize Your Karats

    Know what is what. Because different jewelry pieces weigh different, it is important to know what is 14 karats and what is 18 karats. Separate your jewelry by karat before looking to sell your gold jewelry.

    3.  Know the Value

    Call a local jewelry store or check with an online source, such as www.goldprice.org, to verify the current market price for gold before you sell. Some dealers know people are just looking for quick cash to put in their pockets and will offer you money for your gold that is lower than the actual value.

    4. Know Your Buyer

    It might be best to get to know a local dealer. Coin shops often times offer very hospitable environments. You should deal with a frank operator who tells you what you have, has no problem showing scales or acid tests. The more educated a gold seller is, the better off they will be.

    5. Know What You Are Selling

    Some gold items may be worth more when sold as they are, rather than if they are melted down. If your gold necklace or bracelet comes from a well-known designer or maker, it may have a value to some buyers beyond the gold it’s made of.

    Here are some more tips for knowing the value of your gold and silver jewelry.


    • With a magnifying glass or a loop find a marking which will give you the purity of your material.
      • Is the marking crisp and clear? Can you easily tell that your jewelry is 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold? That’s a good sign for your sterling silver or gold jewelry. If it is not so crisp, then maybe – just maybe – the karats were marked by an inexperienced jeweler, or even worse someone making fake jewelry.
      • If you’re worried about whether or not your jewelry is fake, United Coin & Precious Metals can test. If your jewelry sticks to a industrial strength magnet, then, sorry, it unfortunately has no valuable gold content.
      • Then there is the acid test, which involves scratching into your gold to determine its value. We can also handle this for you.  
    • Determine Gold’s Current Value
      • At United Coin & Precious Metals’ website, you can find the current price of gold, silver and platinum. These metals are weighed in troy ounces, which is the equivalent to 31.1 grams. This means, with a scale, you will have to weight your treasure.
    • Divide the gold price by the amount of grams per ounce, 31.1
      • If today’s gold price is USD$2,000, then today’s price per gram is USD $64.30.(USD$2,000/31.1)
    • Multiply the per gram. This is so you can find the purity.
      • 10k = 10/24 = .4167
      • 14k = 14/24 = .5833
      • 18k = 18/24 = .750
      • 22k = 22/24 = .9167
    • Multiply the price per gram by the weight in grams.

    Free Jewelry Appraisal in San Diego, California

    At United Coin & Precious Metals, in La Jolla, California, your jewelry will be appraised in accordance to the utmost in appraisal standards. We will appraise your jewelry in front of you in a transparent manner.  No appointments are necessary, making the process as convenient for you as possible. Each piece of jewelry will be weighed, measured and described in detail.

    United Coin & Precious Metals operates to the highest of standards. You will know what you’ve bought, and we will answer any questions you wish to ask us.
    For your knowledge and convenience, we have prepared to jewelry selling guide to ensure you understand the process, and know as much about your jewelry as possible.

    As a coin shop, many of our customers ask, “Where can I sell my gold jewelry in San Diego”? “How do I sell my diamond ring”? “who buys gold jewelry in San Diego, CA”? They aren’t surprised to hear that United Coin & Precious Metals offers top dollar on gold and silver jewelry. We buy gold, sterling silver, sterling silver flatware, platinum, gems, diamond, broken jewelry, and we pay more than other San Diego jewelry buyers.

    Whether you’re wondering “where do I to sell a gold chain” or “who pays the most for gold in San Diego” -then United Coin & Precious Metals can get you the money you deserve. Sell your gold and silver to the most motivated “gold buyer” in San Diego County. We pay the most for your precious metals…guaranteed.

    No matter the condition of your Sterling Silver Flatware in any condition. Bring your broken, bent, damaged, unwanted Sterling Silver and get cash. We pay cash for silver. Our customers ask “Where should I sell Sterling Silver Flatware in San Diego?”

    Well, United Coin & Precious Metals is proud to announce that you can  bring your precious metals & stones, like a diamond ring, gold ring, class ring, gold or silver necklace, diamond bracelets, (or a silver bracelet or gold bracelet), brooches, pins, matching or mismatching jewelry pieces (or sets), earrings, rings (even with missing gem stones), old watches, antique watches, pocket watches, – and we will give you the best price for it, we will pay top dollar. We are the best place to sell jewelry in San Diego, CA. Please stop by our San Diego Coin Shop to get cash for your gold or jewelry!

    How to sell your gold and silver

    Selling jewelry can be stressful. It is important to ask the right questions, such as:
    Where do I appraise my jewelry in San Diego for free

    Getting you the best deal possible is important to us. We understand why people ask:
    Where is the best place to sell gold and jewelry
    What is my gold or silver bracelet worth
    What is my silver coin worth
    What is my gold chain worth
    What can I get for my diamond ring
    How much can I get for a silver dollar (or silver quarter)
    We are constantly looking at the gold and silver stock prices as well as our competitor’s prices to give our customers the most for their gold, silver & diamonds. Please stop by our San Diego coin store.
    Selling gold & silver jewelry

    Our primary goal is to inform our customers of their options and the value of the items they bring in. If you are looking to sell then of course we will buy your items for the best price. We are San Diego’s Gold Jewelry Appraisal place. We have a great reputation among the people in San Diego and you can see all the comments we have received.
    We offer free local appraisals for Estate Jewelry, Donation Jewelry Items including Vintage Costume Jewelry, Estate Gold, Silver or Costume Jewelry. Also, Jewelry Appraisal for Bankruptcy Court, Divorce Settlements and Insurance Purposes.

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