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  • 950 Silverado Street La Jolla, CA 92037    •    1 (858) 412-6462
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    Silver American Eagles in Stock!

    Sell Gold, Silver, Jewelry & More


    Call Us Today: 858.412.6462

    950 Silverado Road

    La Jolla, CA 92037  

    Sell Precious Metals, Jewelry, Sterling, Etc

    At UCPM we make the process of selling us your jewelry, sterling, scrap gold, etc… an educational experience for you along with a high level of transparency.

    • The process of determining value of the gold or silver content of an item requires three pieces of information, karat or purity, weight, and spot price.  As San Diego coin and bullion experts we work with you and explain the process so you understand how the value is determined.
    • Once value is determined an offer is made to purchase your items, if accepted you will be given the option to receive cash or a company check on the spot.
    • We guarantee the highest price paid for your gold jewelry in San Diego, and will beat any verifiable offer.


    At United Coin & Precious Metals we make the process of selling us your gold, silver, and platinum bullion products highly transparent.

    • Identify your gold, silver, or platinum item on the corresponding web page and you will find our buy/sells spreads clearly listed next to the item. Our prices update every 30 seconds based on the New York spot price. You will immediately know the value of your item and most importantly what we will be willing to pay you for it.


    • There are literally hundreds of different bullion products in the marketplace. At UCPM we only list the most common and frequently traded bullion items. If you’re item is not pictured we are still VERY INTERESTED in purchasing from you. Call us and identify your bullion item and we will give you a verbal quote based on the current spot price.
    • You will find UCPM buy/sell spreads are amongst the most competitive within the industry. Once you decide to sell we will pay you on the spot either cash or a company check.
    • At UCPM we have no minimum requirement on buying or selling precious metals. We will purchase any amount guaranteed.
    • We offer a no pressure, highly transparent, warm, comfortable and secure environment.
    • If you are from out of town mail us your items at the address listed on our website and we will forward you a check the same day.


    Our San Diego based coin and bullion shop will buy precious metals from basic collector coins to numismatic rarities. As a collector/investor for over 40 years we understand what it is like to be on the other side of the table. We understand that education and transparency are the fundamental components to building trust and a long term relationship.

    • We identify, grade, and determine value of the entire collection. We explain what goes into determining value and most importantly how much we would be willing to pay you for the items.
    • It will be your decision to sell part or all of your collection.
    • You will have the option to receive cash or company check on the spot.
    • At UCPM we make a two way market with many collector coins such as pre 1933 U.S gold, Morgan and Peace dollars, Walker Halves, etc… as such we are more competitive with our offers to buy, this is our business, not a sideline.
    World Spot Prices
    (Updates Every 30 Seconds)


    Bid: $1,783.76
    Ask: $1,784.76


    Bid: $26.21
    Ask: $26.31


    Bid: $1,092.01
    Ask: $1,097.01