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    1 Oz. Rounds & 10 Oz. Silver bars in Stock, Spot + $2.70

    5 Ways To Buy Gold In San Diego, Online & Otherwise

    Gold has been on the tips of many people’s tongues for awhile now due to the likelihood that, in the coming years, the Fed will raise its interest rate. Gold has become less attractive to many as an investment in recent years, though, due to the relatively stable economic outlook, a rising stock market and low inflation. Many experts believe this will change in due time.

    Gold has been around $1,200 for quite awhile now.

    1. You can buy gold in yen or euros, with two exchange traded funds (ETFs) enabling you to invest in gold . GYEN and GEUR are available from the Advisor Shares Gartman ETFs listed on the NYSE that allow you to trade gold against the two currencies. This is a highly risky means of buying coins and is really warned against here at UCPM due to the paper base of the assets. This is not real gold.

    2. Buying gold in dollars is not hard as well, with the easiest way to buy or sell the price of gold in dollars being the ¬†SPDR Gold Trust, GLD, which represents the largest of these ETFs available on the NYSE. The shares trade based on the price of gold bullion. There are also “leveraged” gold ETFs, which magnify gains and losses. This is a highly risky form of buying gold and many people lose significant money doing this.

    3. Gold stocks or mutual funds mean many publicly traded gold mining companies. This is a good way of holding stake in the gold market, with less risk than GLD and other funds.

    4. Coin store. Governments mint coins and that is why investors have the option to buy gold coins in their own neighborhood. You can walk into a coin store during regular business hours and buy your coins. That is what United Coin & Precious Metals does, serving the San Diego, Calif. and La Jolla.

    5. Online buying. You can also, instead of going to your local store, buy coins online. You can compare prices and get digitized customer service. Of course you have to wait to get your coins.

    United Coin & Precious Metals recommends option four, due to its transparency and the ability of the customer to walk out the door same day with the metals. It is not common in San Diego County for this to be the case. But at UCPM…It is.

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