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Precious Metals IRAs

Precious Metals IRAs

United Coin & Precious Metals can assist you in the process of opening and funding a new, self-directed precious metals IRA, or adding precious metals to an existing account.

What Is a Precious Metals IRA?

A “Precious Metals IRA” (individual retirement account) is a specialized, self-directed IRA in which physical gold or precious metals in approved forms are held in custody for the benefit of the account owner. Precious metals allowed to be held in an IRA must be in the form of IRS-approved coin or bar products, such as American Gold Eagle coins, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, American Silver Eagle coins, American Platinum Eagle coins, and gold and silver bars (bullion) that are 99.9% pure or better.

Precious Metals IRAs must be held separately from a traditional IRA through a custodian. Contribution limits and distribution rules for traditional IRAs apply to Precious Metals IRAs.

Is A Precious Metals IRA Right for You?

With inflation, low yields from safe fixed-income investments, and stock market volatility, investing some or all of your IRA money in gold and other precious metals is appealing. Adding precious metals to your IRA is a good way to preserve wealth as well as diversify your holdings. It also acts as an outstanding hedge against future uncertainty.

How United Coin & Precious Metals Can Help

Setting up or funding an existing Precious Metals IRA is a straightforward process. UCPM can help facilitate this through our partnership with uDirect IRA Services of Irvine.

The IRS requires the precious metals owned by your IRA to be held in an approved depository. As the account owner, you get to instruct your IRA custodian to buy precious metals from UCPM. We’ll work with you to determine what to buy and how much, then you complete a form authorizing your IRA custodian to buy the selected products to deposit into your account.

Got Questions?

Setting up or funding a precious metals IRA can sound daunting. UCPM makes it easy. Drop in with questions or call us today. We are glad to assist.

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