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    How Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry & Sterling Silver Can Protect Your Wealth

    Gold coins and silver coins have gained an interesting reputation. People think: If you buy gold and silver coins, then you are a survivalist of some sort. Well, this isn’t always true, but these assumptions do make owning gold and silver coins a liability.

    Imagine trying to fly overseas. Let’s say, to be safe, you bring some gold and silver coins along with you. The TSA agent sees the coins in your bag, and wishes to inspect further. He or she then finds a significant amount of value (under $10,000) on you. This is an instance you would wish never happened.

    Let’s imagine the same scenario, but this time you are wearing the equivalent in gold. This is something TSA agents see all the time, and by wearing your gold and silver investments, you blend in.

    Are you truly looking to diversify your metal portfolio? Then, one of the best ways to do that is with antiques and jewelry. It might be difficult leaving the country, for instance, with gold and silver coins, but when you’re wearing said gold and silver in the form of jewelry, it becomes a lot less of a red flag, and you blend in much more. This goes a long way towards protecting your wealth.

    Or, around your home, imagine a beautiful decorative theme of sterling silver. Decorating your home with silver, of course, is nothing like decorating your house with gold, and so it makes a convenient and beautiful decoration. As a reflective metal, it might even make your living space looking bigger than it truly is.

    Nonetheless, although you might be getting excellent decorative pieces in the form of gold jewelry, silver jewelry or sterling silver, you are also getting the known benefits of precious metals as an investment. Your decorations, like fine art, could increase in value over time. Moreover, many precious metals art, whether antique or otherwise, are magnificent.

    It is a smart way to preserve wealth, and a technique many high net worth individuals use when it comes to owning precious metals.

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