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    Uncertified Gold Low Premiums Offer Investors Opportunity Of A Lifetime

    The following chart uses an annual premium taken in January of each year, with the high and low premium taken from that 13 year span.

    Uncertified Gold – 13 Year Average price vs. Current with historical Hi/Low


    You can see that, by historical standards, pre-1933 uncertified gold stands at a bargain. The $10 Liberty stands as quite a bargain, while $20 Liberty Gold and $20 Saint Gaudens are practically a steal. By historical standards, these premiums are at a near all-time low.

    “In my opinion, we’re at the genesis of a new way of looking at rare coins—from an investment perspective instead of a collecting perspective,” said Timothy O’Fallon, senior numismatist with Gibraltar Coins.

    “A lot of people have invested in gold and silver bullion, which has introduced them to coins,” O’Fallon said.

    “And now many are looking for an opportunity to diversify into alternative investments,” he said. “If a tiny percentage of these investors move to this category, it will drive demand and value up significantly.”

    United Coin & Precious Metals has seen this demand and that is why we are offering rare coins at premium prices. We look forward to helping La Jolla take part in this exciting market.

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