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    United Coin & Precious Metals Offers To Buy McDonalds’ Employees Gold & Silver For 100% of Value

    United Coin & Precious Metals, located in La Jolla, California, offers McDonald’s employees, who were recently told by their employers to sell their possessions to afford the holidays, 100% of the full amount for any of their gold and silver jewelry.

    Usually, United Coin & Precious Metals must make some profit on transactions like this in order to stay open. But, after seeing a television appearance on CNBC by a struggling McDonald’s worker, United CPM CEO Peter Kevorkian decided that he’d extend an olive branch to any local San Diego McDonald’s workers who might be forced to liquidate old jewelry, sterling silver and so on, in order to fund the holidays.

    The McDonald’s employee outrage began when a website setup as a resource for McDonald’s employees suggested that, in order to pay holiday debts, McDonald’s workers should sell their possessions. McDonald’s workers have been complaining about meagre pay.

    Unfortunately, this might become a reality for many McDonald’s employees, who will be forced to sell prized possessions in order to buy their children and family gifts.

    United Coin & Precious Metals continues its commitment to offer its customer-base the best service possible, and with the holidays upon us, we will offer McDonald’s workers (and all minimum wage workers) 100%

    It’s the least we can do as a small business.

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