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    US Mint Bullion Coins Increase in January Sales

    Sales of US Mint American Eagle and American Buffalo sales exploded in January with newly dated 2015 bullion coins enjoying stalwart sales and attracting investors and collectors as gold and silver prices soared during the month.

    Gold bullion coin sales leapt for their biggest totals since one year prior while sivler bullion coin sales enjoyed the third strongest month since all-time monthly records were set in January 2013.

    American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

    American Silver Eagles shot up 5,530,000 last month to more than twice December sales of 2,459,000. January sales of the one-ounce, 99.9% pure silver coins beat the January 2014 level of 4,775,000 by 15.8%. Introduced in 1986, just four other months scored higher Silver Eagles sales and they are as followed:

    • January 2013 with 7,498,000 coins,
    • January 2011 with 6,422,000 coins,
    • January 2012 with 6,107,000 coins, and
    • October 2014 with 5,790,000 coins.

    This year’s 2015-dated American Silver Eagle sales started on January 12. This meant a 2.5 week halting of coin sales between when 2014’s American Silver Eagle coins sold out and when 2015 American Silver Eagle coin sales resumed.

    American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

    American Eagle gold coins increased 81,000 ounces in January over January 2014, which represents the largest increase for a month in a year. Sales increased 350% from December though they fell 11.5% from January 2014.

    2015-dated American Gold Eagles debuted on Jan. 5.

    American Buffalo gold coin sales enjoyed the biggest monthly gains in a year just as the American Gold Eagles did.

    Sales of this coin reached 34,500 ounces in January for more than seven times the December tally which was calculated at 4,500 ounces. This was, however, 16.9% percent lower than the 41,500 ounces sold in January 2014. This year’s 2015-dated coins were released alongside the 2015 American Gold Eagles on January 5.

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