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    Historical Society honors owners of La Jolla’s ‘landmark’ homes

    La Jolla has 106 private homes designated historic by the City of San Diego

    La Jolla Historical Society online: lajollahistory.org

    The city gave a shout-out to the people who assume the painstaking, often costly process of restoring and maintaining old homes that add character and a sense of place to La Jolla’s neighborhoods, proclaiming March 14, 2015 “La Jolla Landmarks Day.”

    La Jolla Historical Society (LJHS) held an event to honor owners of these historically designated homes March 14 at its Eads Avenue and Prospect Street campus.

    According to society records, there are currently 106 privately owned, historic homes and 28 publicly or corporately owned historic structures in La Jolla, as well as four sites deemed historic for their landscaping or archaeological significance. To have a home listed on the city’s Register of Historic Places, it must fit one or more of a series of criterion, such as its architectural significance or association with a famous person or master architect or builder. Applicants must submit a Historical Resources Research Report to the city and pay a $1,185 fee to have their home be considered.

    San Diego City Council president Sherri Lightner, herself a former LJHS board member, addressed those in attendance at the LJHS event.


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