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Nazi Gold Train Highlights Secret Chapter In Gold’s History

Polish authorities are having to defend the area believed to house a Nazi Gold train as treasure hunters try to gain access to the Nazi gold train in southwestern Poland.

In the wooded hills around the city of Walbrzych, something of a gold rush has taken foot. Authorities are on the lookout for people combing the area with metal detectors. The military plans to examine the area with earth-penetrating equipment.

The idea of the train comes from the deathbed confessions of a former Nazi gold train believed to contain gold, art and other valuables. The soldier claims to have helped bury the train 70 years ago. He gave directions to the 100-meter train near the city, now a part of Poland, but during the war known as the German city of Waldenberg. A Polish man and a German one decided to try and find the train and are negotiating now with the Polish government for a 10% finder’s fee.

Poland’s deputy culture minister, Piotr Zuchowsky, said at a press conference,  “I am 99% sure the train exists.”

The train is heavily armored and could contain 300 tons of weapons, valuables and art. The German buried it while fleeing from the Red Army.  The train has been storied since the end of World War II. People believe this is the train but that cannot be confirmed until it is undug. The train was undocumented by the tedious Nazi government.


“There is a story that there were three trains which came into town and have never been found,” Magdalena Woch, Director of Culture at the Ksiaz Castle told the Telegraph. “The gold may not be on the train that has been found, but in one of the better secured military trains. It is possible there are more trains in Walbryzch. There are discrepancies between maps of the area from the 1920s and the 1940s, which suggests there are tunnels under the town which have never been found. Up to 1947, the Soviets were here, and we do not know what they found.”

The trains were hidden apparently because the Nazis believed they would eventually overtake the Red Army and halt their advance. The story of their discovery is intense. Expert Tadeusz Slowikowski first heard of the mysterious train in the 1950s recounted to The Daily Mail.

Tadeusz Slowikowski revealed to MailOnline how he first heard about the train hidden in the tunnel, and its dark and dangerous history, back in the 1950s.

Slowikowski said: ‘I became aware of the tunnel after saving a German man named Schulz from being attacked by two men. As gratitude for saving him, he told me about the tunnel.’

The story Schulz told him was one of murder, fear and secrets, beginning in the dying days of the Second World War when another German man, then working on the railways, found the tunnel’s entrance.

‘A few Germans carried on living in the area after the war and this one had been working on the railways when he came across the entrance to the tunnel,’ Slowikowski explained to MailOnline.

‘He saw two tracks leading into the tunnel. The tunnel was blocked up very shortly afterwards.’

But the railway worker didn’t say anything because he was afraid of what might happen – and with good reason: he feared he would meet the same fate as a family murdered in cold blood, apparently to keep the existence of the tunnel secret.

Holding up an old black and white wartime photo showing a man and two young boys standing outside a house with a tiled roof, Slowikowski said: ‘This house used to overlook the track.

‘From the top window you could see everything coming and going on the railway line. On the 5th of May 1945, the family living there were all shot dead and the house razed to the ground. It was three days before the Soviets took the town.

‘Whoever killed them didn’t want them talking about anything they had seen. There is nothing there now. Just an empty space where the house used to be. Nothing has been built there since.’

‘Shortly afterwards my dog was poisoned. Then my front door was smashed in and then my phones began to be tapped. These were classic tactics of the secret police when they wanted to intimidate people.’

He added: ‘It continues today. My phone is still monitored and I was warned recently by some strangers to stay away. I got a phone call telling me to keep my nose out.’

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