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    A Golden Opportunity to Sell Your Jewelry

    unwanted jewelry, right now may be the prime time to capitalize on the current gold and silver markets.

    According to an article at Bloomberg, gold prices in August saw a significant advancement although the precious metal continues to fluctuate amid the weak U.S. dollar. Silver, though, continues to increase significantly with an 18 percent gain since close on Aug. 6.

    So what does that mean for people who have gold jewelry and want to make money?

    It could be the time to sell. If you have gold or silver jewelry, coins or bullion, it may make sense to capitalize on a strong market.

    “A stronger economy should give silver an added boost,” according to reports at Forbes.

    And gold isn’t too far behind either. Although silver prices are a worthwhile mention, even gold has seen gains at about 7 percent over the same time.

    “The continued weakness in dollar is making gold look attractive,” Frank Lesh, a trader at FuturePath Trading in Chicago, told Bloomberg. “Also, there is some buying in anticipation of a rise in retail Chinese demand as the economy improves.”

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