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    Affordable, Historically Significant US Gold

    When collecting coins, it is important to strike a balance between affordability and some other aspects, like being scarce in all grades, yet not too expensive in higher grades, and historically interesting. Here is a list of coins I’ve gathered, which display these criteria.

    1865 Gold Dollar

    The 1865 gold dollar provides great value. A total of 3,700 business strike examples were produced, and it does not seem to have seen a lot of circulation.  PCGS has graded a total of 48, with 38 of these coins in Uncirculated grades.

    1867 Gold Dollar

    5,200 business strikes were minted in this variety of gold dollar, and so it is more available than the 1865, though not by much. This coin’s current population at PCGS is about 64 coins in all grades, with 46 of these grading MS60 and above.

    The 1867 coin is easier to find than the scarcer Civil War dates, making it more affordable.

    The 1867 gold dollar is an affordable coin that is scarce in all grades, not too expensive in higher grades, available and historically interesting.

    1844 Quarter Eagle

    6,784 of the 1844 quarter eagle coins were struck, yet there are under 100 known. PCGS has graded 39 of these coins in all grades and this includes only three in Mint State. Some people don’t like this coin because it doesn’t have a mintmark. Comparatively, it has little historical significance.

    1846-D/D Quarter Eagle

    The 1846 D/D quarter eagle has yet to be recognized by NGC nor is it listed in the Redbook. Still, it is known within the numismatic community and recognized by PCGS.  An estimated 40-50 pieces are known to exist in the EF40 to AU50 range.

    1855-S Three Dollar Gold Piece

    This coin is more of a Condition Rarity than nearly any of the other coins in this group, and as many as 300-350 are known from the original 6,600 coins minted. This coin is very rare in higher grades. A correctly graded AU55 with good eye appeal is as nice an example as you’re going to find.

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