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    Gold’s Bull Market Still Looking Good

    Well, the gold price did it again…. It’s now official, gold has been up for 12 consecutive years. It closed December up 7% from a year ago.

    Silver closed up over 8% from a year ago. This indirectly says the stellar silver rise in 2010, which was its best year in the bull market, remains predominant.

    GOLD’S BULL IN 2013

    Looking at gold’s higher close each year helps put pricing into perspective. For example…. in 2012 closed at $1675.80.

    This means that as long as gold closes 2013 above $1675.80 the bull will stay alive, reaching another annual record. Now this doesn’t seem so hard for gold to do, especially in the historical environment we live in today and looking ahead to what 2013 has to deal with.

    Some argue that gold’s bull market is on its last leg. They feel it may have a hard time staying bullish as the year unfolds because stocks could be stiff competition, which will lessen the need for gold as a risk asset.

    We can understand this concern and others because gold hasn’t reached a record high in 16 months, in spite of the crises and debt dilemmas in the U.S. and Europe. The ongoing massive currency creation, the Fed’s out of sight bond buying and adding trillions to the debt just to help hold off the crisis should be affecting the gold price by now.

    But events always seem to take longer than anticipated. Inflation will surely come, it’s just a matter of when. The fact that gold hasn’t reached a new high doesn’t change our view of the bull market.

    More important is gold’s lack of weakness. It has only given back less than 20% of its 170% rise from the 2008 lows to the Sept 2011 record high.

    This tells us the bull market is alive and well. Gold is simply the best investment considering the current historical, monetary, fiscal and economic environment. Think of it as your financial insurance against all of today’s uncertainty.

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